Matrix & Element

We use Matrix to communicate. It's basically free and federated Slack. Element, formerly Riot, is the standard client for Matrix and there is ample online guidance.

Installing Element

  1. Download Element or start the web app:
  2. When asked to login/signup: create a free account on the homeserver
  3. To join our main room, click 'explore', search for our room and then click join:

It would help if you set your full name in your Element profile and if you introduced yourself in the main room.

Structure on Matrix

We have a main room with everyone and a couple of sub groups for specific topics. We try to organize and to make sure that everyone is in the right groups. If you would like to be added to any of the other rooms just ask in the main room or drop any of the team a note directly.

  • CovidGraph (main room)
  • CovidGraph Steering Group
  • CovidGraph Infrastructure
  • Trinity Challenge

CovidGraph has several active communication channels in Element/Matrix which are good places to ask questions and find answers. As a general rule of thumb we try to ensure that we capture any useful information in ways that make it easier to find again in future. Please consider if your question may better be raised as an issue or if your observation may better be added to a documentation page and signposted from the Matrix/Element channels. Ultimately there is no wrong way to do things and we actively encourage engagement however you feel comfortable.